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Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal


Current and recent research projects within the Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal at the University of Washington Bothell.


AIMS focuses on enhancing the leadership provided by principals and school district administrators as their districts work to implement a multi-tiered system. AIMS will support cohorts of 15 leaders each year who learn together, share successes and challenges with each other, and engage with colleagues across the state who are leading similar efforts.
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Badges for College Credit

A National Science Foundation project, “Badges for College Credit: Motivating learning in informal science programs through a digital badge system,” seeks to bridge informal and formal learning opportunities in partnership with the Future of Flight Foundation, the Pacific Science Center’s Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, and the Seattle Aquarium. PI Carrie Tzou led the effort to develop college credit pathways for high school students who engage substantially in the work of these informal science institutions. The project began in October 2013 with a total budget of $1.47 million and completed the one-year no-cost extension on September 30, 2018.
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Enhancing Capacity for Special Education Leadership is a statewide program to lead innovation in administrator preparation.
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Expansive STEM Education

Text description of the project. IUSE Project Our TeamCarrie TzouPIMegan BangCo-PIBryan WhiteCo-PIVeronica McGowan CassoneResearch ScientistElizabeth StarksResearch Scientist NSF Grant #2111261
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Fostering STEAM

Fostering STEAM prepares educators to work with learners in a way that fosters identification with science and art, enhances science and art learning, and promotes equity in science disciplines.
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Learning in Places

A National Science Foundation project, “Learning in Places: Gardens and Field Based Science Education,” aims to develop innovative field based science learning environments to help to prepare learners to meet, adapt to, and lead change in relation to the socio-ecological challenges of the 21st century.
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Partnerships for Early Learning

Partnerships for Early Learning is a project of INSPIRE, the UW Seattle College of Education’s effort to advance student learning by designing and implementing systems, resources, and professional development opportunities for and with educators and school leaders.
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Pathways to Teaching

“Pathways to Teaching” aimed to identify and demonstrate what is necessary to scale renewed teacher preparation for diverse populations that are grounded in deeper learning content and strategies applied K-20.
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The PROGRESS Project is an ongoing statewide network for teacher leaders and ESAs who support the professional growth of special education teachers and ESA staff who form leadership learning communities to share information, collaborate on the implementation of learned practice, and provide reciprocal support for ongoing work in schools.
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Story Time STEM

STS emphasizes, through shared reading experiences, the integration of math and literacy, exploring concepts and practices through children’s literature, honoring young learners’ ideas through interactive discussion, and designing and facilitating professional learning with educators.
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Tech Tales

The project fosters opportunities for families to explore science and engineering together as they engage with robotics, computer science, coding, and e-textiles (fabrics and clothing that integrate technology).
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