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Course 1: Gender affirming education

Course 1: Gender affirming education

Are you an educator interested in learning about the science behind sex diversity in the natural world? Have you been wondering how to diversify your teaching about “reproduction” and “reproductive systems’’ beyond male/female binaries? Are you looking for resources to support your own learning and teaching around these topics? Teaching disciplinary knowledge accurately and engaging in gender affirming pedagogy can increase the rigor of learning and contribute to socially just learning environments. In this 10-week online course, you will learn about the genetic and behavioral diversity of sex and sex-linked behaviors in the natural world (including humans). You will critically examine the connection between social and political contexts and how science has shaped our understandings of sexual selection and sex-linked behaviors in ourselves and in the wider natural world. You’ll practice ways to analyze, adapt, and design learning/curricular materials to move beyond gender binaries (with science to back it up!). With increasing anti-LGBTQIA+ movements spiking around the country, gender-affirming education that reflects the best science that we know is more important than ever.

In this course, you’ll read about contemporary science studies and engage with other educators, biology faculty, and learning scientists about the implications for your own context and practice. You’ll have the opportunity to apply key ideas of the course towards learning about and practicing models of gender affirming instruction. Please note that although this course is designed with K-12 classroom educators in mind, we recognize the potential value for those involved in education in a much broader sense (such as teacher educators, providers of community-based programs, and healthcare professionals). We welcome you to join us!


  • Thursdays on Zoom
  • Feb 29 – May 2, 2024
  • 4 – 5:30pm PST / 6 – 7:30pm CST